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Knowing Your Audience Means Knowing When They’re on Social Media

Before you waste time comparing infographics on the best times of day to post to Facebook, make sure you know when your audience is scrolling through their feeds. Industry trends can be helpful directional data but your audience may be

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Understanding Online Marketing, Part 5: Social Media

So far in our Understanding Online Marketing series, we’ve covered four main topics — in a very specific order: web design, user experience (UX), conversion and blogging. We also discussed how search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component to

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3 Reasons to Use SEO in Your Social Media

“You’re missing opportunities with your social media accounts.” That message is rarely well-received, especially when I deliver it to colleagues and clients. Quite often, people tend to dismiss the idea that something as simple as Facebook or Twitter can be

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The Best Time to Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media (Syndication)

You click the publish button, and your latest blog post is now live. It’s a pretty good one, containing an original image, a great title and many of best practices contained in Cuppa SEO’s Blogging 101 E-book. If you’re like most

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Would the Ghostbusters Need Social Media?

In today’s golden age of online marketing, the answer to this question would certainly be yes. Although a better question would be HOW should the Ghostbusters use social media, and WHO should be creating the content? In order to know

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Your Social Media is Not You …

… It may resemble you, and it may sound like you. But in the end, your social media is only a very thin sliver of who you actually are. The real you is far more robust and interesting. The truth is that

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