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Blogging 101 Tips: Set Up Your Blog as a Subpage (good) vs. a Subdomain (bad)

When your blog is a subpage of your main URL, it’s part of the site & supports its authority. When your blog is a subdomain, it’s actually a second website that competes with your main URL. A subpage blog looks like this:

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Visual Selectivism & Web Design

With visual overstimulation comes visual selectivism. The human brain was the first ad blocker, unconsciously eliminating clutter from the visual spectrum. If you’re not using a clear call to action (CTA) on your website, even the most intelligent person may

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Avoid Using Generic Stock Photos

  When designing a website, one of our primary goals is to ensure our client’s unique personality shines through. Keeping this in mind, it’s obvious that using stock photos — especially generic ones — is only going to give visitors the impression

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Name that Image — it Will Improve Your SEO

  Name your images with optimal keywords BEFORE you upload them to your website or blog. “Logo.png” tells Google nothing about your image. Instead, use a relevant name like I did for this post: “CuppaSEOWebsiteOptimizationAndImageNaming1.” Optimize your Alt Image Text,

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Is Your Business Taking its Daily “20-mile March?”

A member of my mastermind group recently forwarded me this video. Before watching, I was half expecting something that detailed a public event. In actuality, what I found was a message that was a lot more personal, and profound. It’s

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How to Manage Your SEO

Successful SEO goes way beyond keywords. From a global view it’s approximately 1/3 keywords, 1/3 rich content & 1/3 Google Places, Google+ & social media channels like Facebook & LinkedIn. Being able to manage all of these components means you’ve

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What is a Bleet?

A bleet is the marriage of a blog post and a tweet — resulting in an opportunity to express oneself in 420 characters or less (that’s triple the character count of a tweet). The idea is to offer more substance

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