Website Assessments

Website Assessments Cuppa SEO Web Design Madison WI

Is Your Website Underperforming?


What is a Website Assessment?

It’s a heuristic assessment of your website — which is a hands-on, interactive assessment that includes your team’s input every step of the way.

We’ll evaluate the quality of your site’s search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), and website conversion. In plain terms this means we’ll be examining how well your site organically attracts visitors (SEO), builds trust (UX), and makes it easy for visitors to become customers (website conversion).

The Benefits

Once your website issues have been identified and resolved, your site will be built to:

  • Attract more visitors
  • Build trust, and make visitors immediately feel comfortable
  • Make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the next step in becoming customers

How it Works

During the assessment we’ll identify any issues your site is having with SEO, UX and website conversion, and then propose clear, customized solutions that are in alignment with your online marketing goals.

This is accomplished by answering questions like:

  • Regarding SEO, how well is your site optimized to attract organic traffic?
  • Is your site set up to deliver a positive user experience? Or is it providing a neutral experience — or worse, a negative one?
  • With website conversion, are your top calls-to-action represented clearly on the site? Where do they lead to, and how easy is it for visitors to take the next step in becoming customers?

The assessment includes reviewing each of the following on your desktop and mobile sites:

  • Navigation (Top-level, and Dropdown) 
  • Homepage
  • Subpages
  • Landing Pages (Squeeze Pages)
  • Forms

Implementing Solutions

  • Detailed notes and sketches are provided regarding all proposed solutions
  • This gives your team a step-by-step point of reference on all proposed changes
  • Cuppa SEO can implement these solutions for you, or your team can implement themselves
  • Training is available for teams that need a helping hand in gaining a solid understanding of SEO, UX and website conversion