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What’s the point of having a website nobody can find? If this question resonates with you, we can help with SEO services that attract more visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that helps increase relevant traffic to your website by improving your site’s ranking in search results. In other words, SEO makes it easier for the people who are searching for what you do to find you. This “perfect match” makes it easier to build relationships, gain more customers — and grow your business.

You can’t build relationships with visitors, let alone convert them into customers if you don’t get them to your site! This may sound obvious, yet a very high percentage of websites are not well optimized … don’t be one of them.

Our comprehensive approach to SEO means we optimize every nook-and-cranny of your website to ensure the highest ROI possible, so you’re not just spending money on your SEO — you’re also making money because of it.

How it Works

There’s a lot that goes into a well-optimized website, but from a global view, we’re working on:

  • Creating a Keyword Report that clearly defines the best keyword for your industry, and the region(s) you do business in
  • Implementation of these keywords and keyword phrases into your title tags, headlines, images, copy and text links (this all adds up to powerful SEO)
  • Working as a team to ensure your content that’s rich, relevant and well written (another key factor in upping the SEO value of your website)

How SEO Helps

SEO is a lot like white-water rafting. Before you get into your raft, you have to pump it up to the optimal pounds per square inch (PSI) so it floats properly. With every pump of air, your raft comes closer to its optimal PSI, which helps the raft become more and more buoyant.

Your website, metaphorically speaking, is very similar to the raft. It needs to be “pumped up” before it can rise to the top. But instead of air being the catalyst, it’s SEO that helps your website become more buoyant.

What this means is that every web page we optimize adds more website authority to your site, which helps it rank better in search results — making it easier for people who are searching for what you do to connect with you.

The Keyword Report

Every keyword report contains a comprehensive list of optimal keywords that can be utilized in optimizing your website. The report is organized in a good, better, best format, so it’s easy to understand — and easy for you and your team to utilize in every blog post and social media post you publish.

Thorough keyword research is performed in a variety of ways, beginning with a detailed questionnaire (filled out by you and your team), the use of online tools, and good-old “analog” testing of keywords to ensure relevance. A one-hour meeting to review the report is also included.

Optimizing Your Website Content

Once the Keyword Report is completed, the next step is for us to fully optimize your content. Once complete, we send the optimized content to you in a Word doc for review before implementing into your website.

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