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Stuffing: Good for Some Things, but not for Your Website

Avoid Keyword Stuffing on Your Website & Blog In a nutshell, keyword stuffing is exactly what it sounds like — jamming the same keyword or keyword phrase into your content as much as possible, just like the example Joss and Max

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Fresh-brewed Customer Spotlight: OnCampus College Planning

In this installment of our spotlight series, let’s get to know a little more about Tom Kleese, owner of OnCampus College Planning. I knew Tom for many years before he became a Cuppa SEO client, and I can tell you

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3 Reasons to Use SEO in Your Social Media

“You’re missing opportunities with your social media accounts.” That message is rarely well-received, especially when I deliver it to colleagues and clients. Quite often, people tend to dismiss the idea that something as simple as Facebook or Twitter can be

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Blogging 101 Tips: Set Up Your Blog as a Subpage (good) vs. a Subdomain (bad)

When your blog is a subpage of your main URL, it’s part of the site & supports its authority. When your blog is a subdomain, it’s actually a second website that competes with your main URL. A subpage blog looks like this:

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