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Analog User Experience: The Case of the Missing Hot Dog

What happened to the eighth hot dog? This was a question I wound up asking myself during my last shopping excursion. When I went to pick up a package of hot dogs, I noticed that there were only seven. Inspecting

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The Funny Thing About Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is a tool that overviews the “buying process,” from first introduction to a product or service to an actual purchase. The great thing about a sales funnel is that it’s trackable, which means it can shed light on

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Blogging 101 Tips: Creating a Blogging Campaign

One of the top comments I receive during every Blogging 101 webinar or workshop is that people find the thought of blogging stressful. This is understandable, especially if you’ve never blogged before, because the entire process is one big question

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5 Mobile Web Design Tips for a Better User Experience (UX)

Talk about mobile web design, and being mobile friendly, has increased dramatically since Google started grading sites based on their “mobile-friendly factor.” But mobile-friendly web design has been an important consideration since the very first iPhone allowed a person to search the

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