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10 Principles of Good Web Design, #2: Build Trust

Good web design builds trust. A visitor’s user experience needs to be inviting, pleasant, enjoyable. To begin, let’s start by answering the question … WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE (UX)? UX is the positive, negative or neutral experience  a visitor has

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When Does Event Marketing Make Sense? (And How to Pick the Right One)

Event marketing (or event sponsorship) is a promotional category that allows companies to reach consumers directly. When successful, one event might yield touchpoints with your intended consumer, greater exposure and profitable supply chain relationships. Are you in need of those?

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Selecting the Best CRM Tool for Your Business

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the customer relationship management (CRM) options on the market. You can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Before you go too far down the rabbit hole, let’s

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Do I Really Need One of those CRM Things?

Yes. Sorry I don’t have a more witty response than that … If you have a business with customers, you really really do. If you are a nonprofit, your donors are your customers and the answer is the same. Excel

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LinkedIn Has Hashtags Now?

That was my reaction the first time LinkedIn prompted me to add hashtags to my post. It feels like it was just a couple years ago I’d see posts on my feed ranting, “LinkedIn isn’t Twitter! Stop using hashtags!” Now

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Start Bragging About the Value You Offer (no one’s going to do it for you)

Whether it’s your personal brand, or your employer’s brand, you can’t expect others to extol its virtues if you aren’t willing to do so yourself. My favorite example of this is a concierge physician I met who has been known

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Cleaning Up Your Email List

You know that feeling when you hit “send” on a carefully crafted piece of email marketing? If you’re anything like me, it’s nervous excitement as you compulsively begin checking open and click rates. We do this because most of us

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Essentialism 101: The Pareto Principle and You

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? It’s a theory that states 20% of our efforts produce 80% of our results. I was recently reminded of the Pareto Principle, which led me to thinking about how I could identify and

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What is Return on Value? And How Can it Help You Grow Your Business?

Most of us have heard of return on investment (ROI), how much income a company makes based on how much money is output into the world, but have you ever thought about what drives ROI? Traditionally, everyone makes a big

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Fresh-brewed Small Business Spotlight: Fifth Degree Marketing

In this edition of our Small Business Spotlight series, we’ll get to know Jason Huett, owner of Fifth Degree Marketing. The spotlight series always highlights an amazing small business that stands out from the crowd for their excellent service, products

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