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Blogging 101 Tips: Learn Our Stress-reducing, Efficiency-boosting Process

In our latest series of blogging 101 tips, we’ll be diving into part 3 of my book, A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing, to learn my stress-reducing, efficiency-boosting blogging process. Since this is part 1 of the series, we’ll overview

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Online Marketing Tip: Make it About Them, Not You

When it comes to online marketing, there’s a golden rule I encourage everyone to follow … Make it about them, not you. In other words, everything you do within the realm of online marketing — or analog marketing for that

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Just One Thing: When Selling becomes Smelling

In this episode of Just One Thing, we’ll talk about an alternative to old-school selling — the art of relationship building. In a previous post, I talked about when you accept someone’s connection request, only to be hit with a

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Technical Debt is a Bill that Always Comes Due

Technical debt is a bill that always comes due, whether in the form of a hack or painful upgrade … If you’re not familiar, “technical debt” is a concept from software development that refers to essentially kicking the can down

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Let’s Talk Backlinks

What is a Backlink? If you’re not familiar with the term, a backlink is a link from somebody else’s website or blog to yours. Backlinks are important because they have the ability to raise or lower your website authority in

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Fresh-brewed Small Business Spotlight: Alex Sanfilippo, Founder of Podmatch

In this installment of our Small Business Spotlight series we’ll be highlighting Alex Sanfilippo, the founder of, which is an amazing application that matches and connects podcasting guests with podcasters. Alex is the co-owner of the business with his

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Fresh-brewed Small Business Spotlight: Tom Antion of Screw the Commute Podcast

In this installment of our Small Business Spotlight series we’ll be highlighting Tom Antion, ex-professional comedian, the voice (and laughs) behind the Screw the Commute podcast, professional speaker and a marketing expert. I was lucky enough to be a guest

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Pandemic Business Growth

Even before the pandemic, old-school cold calls, cold emails, and unsolicited sales inquiries were never part of Cuppa SEO’s business growth philosophy. And they’re still not. If you are engaging (or thinking of engaging) with people you know — or

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When Was the Last Time You Did a Proper Website Audit?

You know the way you cringe when you see, “in 2018 we will pursue…” on a website you’re browsing? An annual content audit of your website will minimize a potential client associating that feeling with your business. Here’s how to

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Are You Ready for Your Next Virtual Event?

Those of us who are used to the trade show and conference circuit know our presentation backwards and forwards; we could put together booth displays in our sleep. That was great until 2020 had other plans. After several postponements, our

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