Fresh-brewed Small Business Spotlight: Alex Sanfilippo, Founder of Podmatch

Cuppa SEO Web Design Spotlight Podmatch AlexIn this installment of our Small Business Spotlight series we’ll be highlighting Alex Sanfilippo, the founder of, which is an amazing application that matches and connects podcasting guests with podcasters. Alex is the co-owner of the business with his wife Alecia.

I’ve been using PodMatch for a couple of months now, and it has been a powerful tool in helping me get booked as a guest on podcasts, which is why I wanted to get the word out about the application and its founder.

In case you’re not familiar, our spotlight series always highlights amazing artists, small businesses and individuals that stand out from the crowd for their all-around awesomeness.

So, let’s get to know more about Alex and PodMatch …

1. Who is PodMatch & What Does it Do?
PodMatch is a service that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and podcast hosts together for interviews. Imagine your favorite online dating app but instead of using it for finding dates, you’re
booking podcast interviews. We use the same(ish) technology for automated matching!

3. Why Do You Love Doing It?
As a passionate podcaster myself who has been helped so much by others along the way, I wanted a way to give back to the industry. I found the entire guest/host connecting process to be very difficult and there was a need to be met here. That’s why I created PodMatch. Today, I love helping people find that ideal guest for their podcast so they can create episodes that impact the world. This is something that I’m so passionate about! Serving the world through podcasting.

4. How Does it Help People?
It helps people who want to be podcast guests find shows who are looking for people with their skills, talents, and expertise. That way, they can share their message with the world! On the flip side, it helps hosts find guests for their podcast so they can focus on producing great content.

5. Why did you decide to create this solution for podcasters and podcast guests?
This is my way of giving back to the podcasting community that has given so much to me. So many people in podcasting have helped me along the way. And I remember when I got started, finding guests used to be a pain, but thankfully, PodMatch is now around for me, and all other podcasters to make this process painless.

6. What hurdles have you faced during start up, and the growth process?
PodMatch almost immediately took off. Figuring out how to manage my time properly with answering people’s questions about it, getting on calls with members who had ideas, and of course, further developing the product, (not to mention keeping my own podcast going) was a lot of work. That balance was tough to figure out and initially caused me to work more than I should have been. But today, I have a much better balance!

7. Favorite coffee?
I actually don’t drink coffee, or tea, just water. I’m a huge fan of water, always have been since I was a kid. (Fun fact, the last time I drank a soda was 2003.

8. Favorite analog hobby (for those times you’re not in front of your computer)?
I enjoy going to the beach with my wife and friends. Playing soccer, swimming laps, and outdoor circuit workouts. All of which, based around community, I love being with the people in my life.

If you’d like to learn more about Alex or PodMatch, feel free to check out any of the following links:

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