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Google My Business Tip #1: The Keyword Report

In our Google My Business Tips series, we’ll be dissecting your Google My Business (GMB) listing to identify key areas you need to address in order to ensure your GMB page is fully optimized. Why You Should Care If you’re

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Web Design & Conversion, Part 1: Testing

Click this! Download that! Sign Up! Let me email you every day for infinity! Do some of these calls-to-action (CTA) look familiar? Whether you have a website, or visit websites, calls-to-action — often in the form of a button —

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Running a Small Business & the Art of Setting a Date on Your Goals

Many years ago, when I had less grey in my beard, I hadn’t yet gotten into the habit of setting a deadline for my goals. At best, the specifics of my due date were relegated to, “a year from now

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