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Fresh-brewed Customer Spotlight: Forward Health Coach

Cuppa SEO has had the honor of working with many incredible clients. The other day, while sipping on a cup of coffee, I decided to start a spotlight series that highlights their most excellent talents. In this first installment of the

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Ultimate User Experience (UX) Profiles: Dollar Shave Club

User experience (UX) is something that occurs during every interaction you have with customers and potential customers — both online and in the “analog” world. Often times, it’s the user experience that determines whether or not someone chooses your service,

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My Family Road Trip & the Analog User Experience, Part 4: Juan’s Food Cart

During our last trip to New York, we stayed in the heart of the city on 43rd St. and 9th Avenue. Little did I know that amidst all the traffic, noise and hustle, I’d find one truly excellent analog user experience

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Blogging 101 Tips: With Inconsistency Comes Weakness …

Has your blogging schedule become inconsistent? Maybe you went from publishing a new post once a week to posting once a month, or not at all for long stretches. If this has happened to you, you know how hard it

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Visual Selectivism & Web Design

With visual overstimulation comes visual selectivism. The human brain was the first ad blocker, unconsciously eliminating clutter from the visual spectrum. If you’re not using a clear call to action (CTA) on your website, even the most intelligent person may

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