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Avoid Using Generic Stock Photos

  When designing a website, one of our primary goals is to ensure our client’s unique personality shines through. Keeping this in mind, it’s obvious that using stock photos — especially generic ones — is only going to give visitors the impression

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Search Engine Optimization is a One-time Deal?

Shocking as it may be, the one-time deal is true. Well, at least partially. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be, “search engine optimization (SEO) for your website is a one-time deal.” When you think about it from a technology

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The Case of the Plastic Plates & How it Relates to Your Brand

  My family recently went on a trip to Oshkosh to see the LEGO art exhibit, The Art of the Brick, by Nathan Sawaya. During our trip we stayed at the Mariott Fairchild of Oshkosh. It’s a beautiful hotel and

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