Pandemic Business Growth

Cuppa SEO Web Design Pandemic Business GrowthEven before the pandemic, old-school cold calls, cold emails, and unsolicited sales inquiries were never part of Cuppa SEO’s business growth philosophy.

And they’re still not.

If you are engaging (or thinking of engaging) with people you know — or total strangers — in this way, my advice is to consider a more humanistic option.

NOBODY likes to be cold sold — heck, nobody likes to be sold no matter what the circumstance or the relationship.

Selling is transactional. There’s no humanity in it. And in our pandemic era, it is more unsavory than ever because everyone’s struggle, everyone’s trauma is exacerbated.

Instead of barraging someone with sales speak, we’ve always been proponents of building relationships.

Some of these relationships lead to business, some to friendships, and some just remain acquaintances.

With a focus on relationships and connecting with others, nobody every feels sold because you’re not trying to sell.

The key here is remaining VISIBLE and actively cultivating relationships — which takes more time and effort than a blanket email to 2,000 people. It means adding another Zoom call or two to your week, or actually engaging with your LinkedIn network.

The surprising things is this is the opposite of dreadful — even though I’m extremely busy — because it gives me opportunity to connect, and reconnect with people which has intrinsic value in and of itself, especially in a pandemic …

… these conversations are fruitful on many levels, one of which is the fact that they sometimes lead to business growth in a very humanistic way.

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