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Just One Thing: Improving the User Experience of Your Website Navigation

In this episode of Just One Thing, we’ll examine two examples of website navigation to give you a clear idea of what provides a solid user experience, and what creates a UX nightmare. This brief (12-minute) episode will leave you

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User Experience and Website Navigation

Today, let’s talk about user experience, also referred to as UX, which is the positive, negative or neutral experience someone has on your website, blog or social media. In the following example, I’d like to talk about website user experience,

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Does Your Website Connect with Visitors on an Emotional Level?

Hopefully your website is beautifully designed, easy to navigate, has a nice aesthetic, and the content is helpful and informative. But what if the next website down on the list of search results has all those same things, too? How

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Website Navigation and the User Experience, Part 2: Mobile

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about website navigation and how it affects the user experience on your desktop website. Today, we’re going to turn our attention to mobile … MOBILE NAVIGATION Just when you thought we were

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User Experience & Website Navigation

In this addition of our Caffeinated Marketing Facebook Live series, we’ll talk about the role website navigation plays in providing a positive, negative or neutral user experience (UX) for your visitors. The video, which is a bit over 10-minutes long, dissects four

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