User Experience and Website Navigation

Today, let’s talk about user experience, also referred to as UX, which is the positive, negative or neutral experience someone has on your website, blog or social media.

In the following example, I’d like to talk about website user experience, and how it can be affected — positively or negatively — by a site’s navigation.

Let’s look at two desktop homepage examples, one with a solid UX, and one that’s not so good …

The first is Dollar Shave Club, and it’s an excellent example of a good UX.

  • As you can see, there is only one clear, easy to digest navigation, which immediately helps website visitors feel grounded and at home.

As opposed to this website that has FIVE different navigations …

  • Five navigations can easily leave website visitors confused. The hierarchy of the page is unclear, hard to digest, and difficult to understand.
  • In essence, a web page like this forces a visitor to think way harder than necessary … not a recipe for a good user experience.

I hope these examples give you a better understanding of how to handle your own website navigation for a better UX.

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