Just One Thing: Improving the User Experience of Your Website Navigation

In this episode of Just One Thing, we’ll examine two examples of website navigation to give you a clear idea of what provides a solid user experience, and what creates a UX nightmare. This brief (12-minute) episode will leave you with tangible takeaways you can apply right away.

Why this is important
The user experience on your website is a critical component of helping visitors feel comfortable, know the “lay of the land,” and making it easy for them to understand what to do next (without twisting their arm).

Your website navigation may not be the first thing a visitor looks at when they land on your site, but it is a critical component to their user experience. It’s almost like Google Maps, helping lead visitors to the destination they want to arrive at. Hence, it needs to be clear, easy to understand, and distraction free.

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I hope this video helps you create a better user experience on your website!

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