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Selecting the Best Keywords for Your Website

What are Keywords? Keywords are terms or phrases that, when implemented into your website, can help connect you with people who are looking for what you do. In other words, when the keywords you use on your site are in

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Does Every Website Need SEO?

We all know that search engine optimization is an important factor in getting your brand noticed by potential customers. But it’s not the only factor. So is it possible to promote your brand without SEO? Are there circumstances under which

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What are Keywords, and How Can They Help Your Website?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard the term, “keywords” referred to more than once in relation to your website. And although you may know they’re a critical element in search engine optimization (SEO), you may be wondering what

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Top 10 Google Panda Do’s and Don’ts

Have you heard of Google Panda? He’s very smart. And although he’s cute, you don’t want to get on his bad side. Simply put, Google Panda is an algorithm that that filters websites into two main groups — sites it

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