Website Design 101: Never Forsake Function for Design

Not all design is good design — especially if it forsakes function for aesthetic. Although we’re talking about website design here, I’d like to take a step back and share a real-world experience that shows how choosing form over function

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Fresh-brewed Small Business Spotlight: Scott Frangos of Webdirexion

In this installment of our Small Business Spotlight series we’ll be highlighting Scott Frangos, owner of Webdirexion, a digital marketing agency. A fellow author, Scott was one of the original reviewers of my book, and since then we’ve become marketing

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Cuppa SEO Turns 7 Today

In what feels like the blink of an eye, Cuppa SEO has been a reality for seven years. Lucky seven! Since January 20, 2013 Cuppa SEO has been helping businesses grow, succeed,  and get found on Google. I AM VERY

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Honoring Kathy Watson

Kathy Watson, also known as the Ruthless Editor, was an amazing person. You see, although she was ruthless when it came to grammar, she was otherwise a kind, considerate and incredibly understanding human being. Kathy had been a friend of

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Video Creation Made Easy

Although video is a powerful tool for online marketing, I’ve found that many clients shy away from it because it’s intimidating, can be time consuming, they feel embarrassed or think they don’t have anything to say if they did attempt

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Fresh-brewed Small Business Spotlight: Justin Ryan Pocket Notebooks

I love notebooks and I cannot lie. It’s true, and I especially love pocket notebooks, which is why I’ve been highlighting outstanding pocket notebook companies like Field Notes and Story Supply Co, on my blog as of late. But there

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Celebrating the Publishing of My Book

On November 21, 2019, my book, A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing, was published. I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Universe, my wife and kids, as well as Eric Olive (editor), Jon Wuebben (coach),

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Google My Business Tip #7: Uploading Video to Your Listing

Google My Business had been around for a long time now, and it’s as important as ever (if not more so) for local businesses. In case you haven’t read them yet, you can check out all of our previous Google

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Web Design Tips: Figuring out Fonts

When it comes to website design, fonts can play an important role in defining your brand — and making content easy to read. The good news is that Google has made it easy to choose from a selection of fonts

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How to Write a Book, Part 5: Balance Your Time

Writing a book doesn’t just happen. Once you’ve decided to dedicate yourself to the endeavor, you’ll need to create a balanced strategy where you dedicate enough time to the book — every week — to carry it forward until it’s

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