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The Challenges of Being an Artist, Mom & Business Owner with Chronic Health Issues — Camille Gerrick

Today, we’re sharing some insights from my recent conversation with Camille Gerrick. Camille is a neurodivergent artist living in Charlottesville, Virginia. And while her narcolepsy and ADHD present challenges to running a business and doing all the normal things grownups

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Welcome to the Grief Club, a Discussion on Loss and the Grieving Process — Janine Kwoh

Today, we’re talking with Janine Kwoh. She’s the author of “Welcome to The Grief Club,” a book she wrote after realizing how hard and complicated grief when she lost her partner, Nap. Janine is also the owner and designer of

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Creative Side Hustling, Embracing the Suck, Fear, & Fatherhood — Scotty Russell

Today we’re getting under the surface with Scotty Russell. Scotty is the side hustler’s coach helping creatives turn their side hustle into a full-time dream hustle. He offers coaching programs, boot camps, one-on-one coaching sessions, and free resources to help

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Introducing the Getting Under The Surface (GUTS) Podcast

I’m excited to share that this week my new podcast launched! It’s called, Getting Under the Surface (GUTS), and it’s about digging into the connection between mindfulness, marketing, self-care and relationships — including the relationship you have with yourself. In

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