Introducing the Getting Under The Surface (GUTS) Podcast

Getting Under The Surface (GUTS) PodcastI’m excited to share that this week my new podcast launched!

It’s called, Getting Under the Surface (GUTS), and it’s about digging into the connection between mindfulness, marketing, self-care and relationships — including the relationship you have with yourself.

In the first episode, I share how this podcast started manifesting over four years ago, and how my wife’s health issues caused me to take a deep look at how (poorly) I was practicing self care.

We’ll also discuss some of the topics you can expect to be tackled on the show, including resistance, acceptance, trauma, fear, awareness, and self perception. Taking it one step further, episodes will also cover how our personal experiences affect our professional life.

Whether you’re a parent who runs their own business, a leader who is strapped for time, or someone who is struggling or overwhelmed, you are not alone. The goal of this podcast is to provide a safe space for diving into mindfulness, meditation, marketing and professional life (which is all part of the ball of wax of your existence), self care, and relationships — including the relationship you have with yourself.

This podcast (and forthcoming program) debunks the “work/life balance” myth, and helps each of us look at life more holistically.
The podcast is available on all major platforms (although some may still be in the approval process), and you can listen here right now.

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