The Dark Side of Conversion: A List of Strategies to Avoid

Web Design Madison The Dark Side of ConversionIn this installment of our Dark Side of Conversion series, here’s a list of conversion no-no’s that should be avoided.

  • Spamming people with emails email after they’ve opted-in
  • Adding people to your email list WITHOUT their permission (just because they gave you their business card doesn’t mean they’ve opted into your newsletter or offers)
  • Videos that pretend you are my friend (you’re not my buddy!)
  • Videos that bait instead of educate
  • Overpromising, under deilvering, and then charging for the “actual insights”
  • Slick, slimy used car salesman syndrome:
    When you see it enough times, you may think this is the “right way” to do a call-to-action/video. Just remember, everyone put asbestos in the walls until it became obvious that it was unhealthy. Doing something because you see it elsewhere is NOT a good reason. Doing it because you think it’s effective, or because you and your team respond well to it IS a good reason to try it — so TEST IT and see if your visitors like it, too.
  • Avoid manipulation: The following quote is from a well-known conversion expert, and it is truly sickening:
    “We do not want to start sending traffic to our website until we have a well-oiled mouse trap with fresh cheese set.” — Chris Smith
    If you strart looking at your visitors and potential customers in this way, you’ve lost the whole point of online marketing — which is to develop relationships, not to deceive or twist someone’s arm to buy.
  • Too many calls-to-action (CTAs) on a page:
    • They’re bad for conversion
    • They’re bad for UX
    • They’re just plain bad!
    • In the example below, there are 14 tabs in the navigation, at least 12 CTAs above the navigation, and a minimum of 8 CTAs on the page — before you scroll. That equals 34 items for a visitor to digest on the homepage. This is a conversion and UX nightmare …

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