Blogging 101 Tips: Figuring Out What to Write About

Blogging 101 Tips from Cuppa SEOOne of the most common questions I get during our blogging workshops and webinars is, “what do I write about?”

And no matter what type of business you run, the answer is always the same:

Write about what you know.

In other words, write about what you’re an expert at.

You know what your customers biggest problems and pain points are. And in many cases you know exactly how your products and/or services can solve their problems.

The only difference is, instead of discussing these pain points and solutions face-to-face with a client, you’ll need to put it into words and write about it on your blog.

Remember, things that are common place to you, are NOT common place to your clients. If you’re seasoned in your industry, there’s a good chance you’re an expert at what you do — which means you have information and knowledge that has great value to your customer demographic.

And that’s what a blog is all about — sharing relevant, useful information with people who need it.

I understand that you may not FEEL like an expert. You might even be thinking, “why would anybody want to read what I have to say?” It’s the same reason your clients come to you in the first place — because you have something of value to offer.

In my niche, clients want to know more about SEO, blogging, user experience (UX), web design, conversion and social media. Each of these main topics has many, many sub topics that I can write about in a blog post — giving me hundreds of things to write about.

This is quite possibly the most important of all the blogging tips I share, because a blog can not exist without content. And it will never engage with readers unless that content is relevant and useful.

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