Fresh-brewed Customer Spotlight: Kathy Watson the Ruthless Editor

Cuppa SEO Spotlight Kathy Watson Ruthless EditorIn this installment of our spotlight series, we’ll get to know Kathy Watson, the Ruthless Editor.

The good news is the only thing ruthless about Kathy is her editing. Otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to find a more kind, witty and bright person to work with. In other words, Kathy is delightful, and I’m honored to call her a Cuppa SEO customer, as well as a friend. 

Who Are You?
Kathleen Watson, Ruthless Editor.

In my 26 years as an independent writer/editor, I have produced hundreds of company newsletters, lots of personal profiles, numerous articles for trade publications, and the occasional commemorative poem.

I’ve ghostwritten or edited pieces for CEOs, architects, professors, builders, Realtors, bankers and social workers.

What Do You Do?
I work behind the scenes to help you write like a pro and look good in business and personal settings.

Why Do You Love Doing It?
If you mispronounce or misspell a word or forget a comma, it can mess up your message and hurt your credibility.

I hope I spare people the embarrassment of making grammar mistakes, and I love feeling that by helping them fine-tune their communication skills, they will stand out from the crowd and get ahead in the world.

How Does it Help People?
Steve Hannah, former CEO and now chairman of The Onion, says, “Grammar is being butchered in the electronic age.”

I agree. Too many shortcuts hinder effective communication.

  • If you’re impeccably dressed for a job interview but mispronounce or misuse words, it might be perceived as a lack of attention to detail and sabotage your chance of getting hired.
  • If you write emails and reports at work that lack clarity because of misspelled words or missing punctuation, you might hinder your chance of getting promoted.
  • Even grammar errors in your online dating profile can hurt. Recent research shows that people with careless grammar are more quickly eliminated as potential dating material — especially if you’re a guy.

Yes, there are a lot of boring and complex rules. That’s why I promote grammar by example. My weekly blog offers quick tips on words and punctuation to help anyone become a better communicator.

“Good English, well spoken and well written, will open more doors than a college degree. Bad English will slam doors you didn’t even know existed.”  — former syndicated columnist William Raspberry

I help people open doors.

Want to learn more?
Visit the Ruthless Editor website for more info about Kathy and her services — or to check out her blog.

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One comment on “Fresh-brewed Customer Spotlight: Kathy Watson the Ruthless Editor
  1. Judith Mowris says:

    Well done, Kathy!

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