Essentialism 101: Creating a Better User Experience

Essentialism and UX by Cuppa SEO Web DesignEliminating distraction is part of the essentialism philosophy. The less distraction we experience, the better chance we have of focusing on what’s really important.

In order to eliminate distraction, we must first identify what’s essential and what’s non-essential. Then, we then have to cut out the non-essential distractions.

According to Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, “the Latin root of the word decision — cis or cid — literally means to cut … Since, ultimately, having fewer options actually makes a decision ‘easier on the eye and the brain,’ we must summon the discipline to get rid of options or activities that may be good, or even really good, but that get in the way.”

This is true in life, and on your website.

Contemplating the art of cutting out distraction made me think of the user experience (UX). Specifically, making things “easier on the eye and brain” is a cornerstone of the UX philosophy. Good UX makes it so a website visitor doesn’t have to think because we’ve removed the distraction.

If you’ve ever been on a website that had three navigations, half-a-dozen calls-to-action, and a slide show, you know what I mean.

I’m talking about something like this …

Essentialism and UX in Web Design

Think about the user experience on your website. Do you have opportunity to “get rid of options or activities that may be good, or even really good, but that get in the way?” Do you have more than 1-3 calls-to-action muddying the user experience? How about a slide show, or multiple navigations?

These are only a few of the ways distraction can creep into your website. But if you take a look, and talk with your team about what’s really essential, you’ll be able to cut out the distraction and improve the UX of your website.

As you may have guessed, this strategy has a way of improving your website conversion, as well.

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