SEO Keywords are Like the Frosting on a Cake

ContentIsLikeCakeCuppaSEOAlthough instrumental to the success of a website or blog, SEO is often misunderstood. The general perception is that SEO is all about keywords and keyword phrases. And although these are important, SEO is much more than keywords.

To me, keywords are like the frosting on a cake. They can attract someone to try a slice, but if the cake is stale even the best frosting can’t save it.

Your content works the same way. It needs to be fresh, rich, relevant and delicious. If it’s stale, the search engines and the people who visit your site will be left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Content is part of good SEO. More than ever before, it plays a large role in where you rank with the search engines — and it’s always been the deciding factor of where you rank with humans.

Google Panda, the king of search engine algorithms, has gotten so smart that it can assess the quality of your content much like the human brain can. Great content now trumps keywords, but that doesn’t mean you should stop using them.

Solid keywords, with a good search to competition ratio, coupled with fresh content is your best recipe for success on your website and blog.

I recommend a hot cuppa coffee for good measure!

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