How to Communicate Better on Your Website

Welcome to Cuppa SEO.

My name is Joey Donovan Guido and today we’re going to be talking about how we can communicate better with the people who visit our web sites.

It’s a very simple concept that’s often overlooked:

Start with hello.

And I’m not saying that we actually have to say “hello,” “greetings” or “welcome” on our home page. What I’m saying is that when somebody visits, when they arrive at our home page, we want them to FEEL welcome and comfortable. It’s the energy or the vibe that were giving them.

For an example let’s take a look at my website, My goal here was to make visitors feel welcome through the use of imagery, color and tone. The little bit of copy I chose supports the visual and contains a few relevant keyword phrases for good measure.

The photo at the bottom left was taken by my son Max at our favorite coffee shop, Bradbury’s, in downtown Madison Wisconsin.

Another good example that comes to mind is when I go for a bike ride. When I go out I greet every person I pass on my bike. Now they don’t always answer — sometimes they completely ignore me. And this is something that’s going to happen on your website as well, right?

Not everybody’s going to respond in kind when you reach out to them with a warm welcome. But your are still the one who needs to make the first gesture — to greet them first.

When you do this, you’ll see that you’ll improve the success of your website because what you’re essentially doing is connecting with somebody on a deeper level.

That’s all I have for today. Thank you so much for visiting Cup SEO, and until next time, be well.


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