Five Questions with Tom Antion

I recently started a new video series called, “Five Questions With,” that brings insights from entrepreneurs, artists, professionals and other individuals who have great information to share regarding business and life.

Today’s interview is with millionaire, serial entrepreneur, Tom Antion. He’s also appeared in our Spotlight Series, which inspired me to start this video series … so, he’s my guinea pig!

In addition to being a business owner, Tom is also the host of the popular podcast, Screw the Commute. Here’s the interview …

Interview topics include:
– What Tom does, and how he has consistently helped entrepreneurs succeed.
– How to work smart, not just hard.
– How he developed a “serious work ethic,” thanks to his dad
– A little bit about the documentary, American Entrepreneur, which focuses on the pain and misery of commuting to and from a full-time job — working, unfulfilled, to make someone else rich.
– The number one thing Tom wanted to share with viewers who are in this boat right now — in the midst of a pandemic — to help them take the leap to entrepreneur.
– Through all the different businesses Tom has owned over the years, which one provided the greatest challenge and how he handled it.
– A few corny dad jokes.

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