Is Fear Holding Your Business Back?

“When you move into fear, everything in your world narrows — even your field of vision — as your entire body focuses its energy to fight whatever it is you’re afraid of …”

— Nataly Kogan, from her book Happier Now

As I read that sentence this morning during my daily meditation, it really resonated with me. There is so much fear in the air right now for business owners and professionals because of the pandemic — which only exacerbates the usual fears that are already present in our professional and personal lives (as if we needed more to be worried about).

This feeling of fear can be palpable, but that doesn’t mean it’s unmanageable.

What I’ve found is the first step in understanding whether or not fear has a hold on you, and by association your business, is to check in with yourself and your team about it. In other words, take a moment to be in awareness and identify how you’re feeling and thinking.

I’m a fan of tackling things head on, so this morning I checked in with myself and realized I was having some fears that needed a good looking at. I’ve found that the funny thing about fear is: YES, it’s a valid emotion, AND it can often have nothing to do with actual reality … so it’s really important to identify the fear before it starts to affect our actions and words — if we let it fester it can manifest into reality.

Once we identify our fear (or any emotion really), we can work through it.

One last note: if you’re feeling fear, it doesn’t mean you’re weak, lame or incompetent. It means you’re human. So remember to be kind to yourself.

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