Fresh-brewed Customer Spotlight: Singlewire Software

In this installment of our spotlight series, we’ll get to know Singlewire Software, a Cuppa SEO client that works with organizations worldwide in an effort to keep people safe.

Cuppa SEO Web Design Madison Singlewire Spotlight

Who Are You?

We develop and sell an emergency notification system called InformaCast. We are located in Madison, WI, and serve customers all over the world.

During the September 11th attacks, leaders from a US Federal agency tried — and failed — to evacuate people from their facility. They contacted us to develop a solution that would allow them to use their existing phones to reach everyone in a building with critical information. This is how InformaCast was born. That agency became our first client and is still a client today.

Over the years, Singlewire Software has grown and InformaCast has evolved into a powerful system for emergency mass notification, bi-directional mobile alerting, situational awareness, and workplace optimization.

What Do You Do?

We offer organizations across a myriad of industries, including education, business, government manufacturing and healthcare, an easy way to share a mass notification through our InformaCast software.  We help organizations protect their most important asset — their people — every day, with an advanced emergency notification system that enables them to reach every one of their devices. We provide peace of mind for our customers who know that their messages are being received by everyone, every time.

Why Do You Love Doing It?

Safety should be the number one priority for any organization, and we love that we get to develop and share the tools that help companies achieve this goal. We work every day to bring cutting-edge emergency notification technology to people who need it. Our mission is make mass notification easy so organizations can reach as many people as possible when an emergency happens.

When your focus is helping people and potentially saving lives, there is really no better reason to come into work each day.

How Does It Help People?

When an emergency occurs, every second counts. Our InformaCast emergency notification systems make it as easy as possible to create, manage and send a mass notification to reach everyone throughout an organization. With its ability to tie into existing systems such as Cisco IP phones, overhead paging and digital signage, as well as mobile devices, InformaCast helps provide cost effective solution for sending emergency messages.

Messages include information about what people should do and where they should go during an emergency, and it can be sent in multiple formats including audio, text and images to capture everyone’s attention. This helps ensure everyone receives a critical mass notification that can help them stay safe.

Want to learn more?
Visit the Singlewire website for more info about their InformaCast emergency notification systems, and their company.


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