Feeling Battered by COVID-19? Here are 5 Things You Can Do

Feeling Battered by COVID by Cuppa SEO Web DesignAs the weeks turn into months, the effects COVID-19 are still hammering away.

This is leaving me exhausted … how about you?

Because of this, we’re going to step away from online marketing, SEO and web design strategies here and focus on the people in your organization.

Whether you are a team of 1 or 10,000, there’s a good chance everyone is worn out because of the pandemic — which, BTW, makes all of our other life challenges that much more difficult to handle.

So, if you’re feeling the weight of the pandemic on your shoulders, here are five things you can do to lighten the load:

1. Exercise
Walk, run, dance — whatever you can handle that feels good. You know this, although you just might be reminded to leave the office (whether it’s in a commercial space, or your spare bedroom) and get outside and do something. If you live in Wisconsin, or another state that has dreadful winters, this is super important to do NOW before it’s bone-chilling cold outside.

2. Meditate
You’ve heard this from me before, and you’ll probably hear it again. Meditation, in whatever form you choose to practice, can make an immense difference in your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical state. Here are some ways you can get started …

  • Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth: audio version is fantastic, as you can meditate while you listen.
  • Meditation Apps: Check the app section of your iPhone or Android and try some of the free (or freemium) options that look good to you. Since this is so subjective, a little trial and error may be necessary.
  • Read The Alchemist, or another spiritually inclined book of your choice … reading can be meditative!
  • Pick up a good notebook to journal in. I recommend Field Notes. The idea here is to offload some of the emotional baggage you’re carrying around, and maybe work out an issue or two
  • Practice mindfulness: check in with yourself to see how you are doing, be in awareness of where you’re at and do your best to be kind to yourself no matter where that is, as opposed to resisting where you’re at or being down on your self because of it.

3. Know that it’s not just you carrying all the weight
Yes, I’m referring to spirituality here, acknowledging the Universe, God, your spiritual guides, etc., and the fact that they are WITH you all day long — day after day — and they are prepared to help you, and give you strength and support.

4. Talk with people
Social isolation is traumatic. If you live with someone (or more than one person), they’re probably feeling the effects of COVID-19, too. Talking about it can help everyone. If you live alone, speaking with a friend, relative, or even clients can do a world of good. When we feel less isolated, and more understood, there’s a chance for some additional space to breathe.

5. If you have Amazon Prime, watch Samurai Cat
This is not a joke, this show has been the find of the summer for our family!

I hope these suggestions help, at least in some small way.



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