Your Current Situation is Not Permanent

Acceptance and Letting Go of ResistanceAccepting where you are, does not mean you are conceding to a better tomorrow.

Whether it’s related to the growth of your business, or a personal or family issue, accepting where you are is actually the first step in moving forward.

At first glance, this may seem counter intuitive. Isn’t accepting our current situation kind of like throwing our hands up in the air and saying, “I give up?”


On the contrary, when we practice acceptance, we’re letting go of the current situation by acknowledging it is what it is. And when you accept something for what it is, you stop resisting it, and open up space to decide, “where do I want to go from here, and how do I get there?”

If business is slow, it’s not about saying “poor me,” or, “ah well, we gave it our best go.” It’s about accepting that business is slow, and then identifying WHY it’s slow, and what you can do to change that. Something as simple s finding the right book can transform your business from slow to sweet! (If you are looking to grow your business, I suggest reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Little Red Book of Selling)

Resistance causes tension, stress, and an array of other ugly emotions that can affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually. And resisting a flat tire won’t change the fact that you have a flat tire — but changing the tire will rectify the situation and get you on your way.

So why not let go of resistance and focus on creating a better life?

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