How Much Value Do You Deliver?

Delivering Value to CustomersHow much value is packed into what you do? Is it enough that your customers would wait for you to deliver the service or product for one, two or three months if they had to? Or is the value of what you do equal to what others can delver today?

For instance, there’s an email app called Unibox that I’ve been waiting for since August. I’ve been using it on my Mac, but the mobile (iPhone) version is “in the works,” with an expected release date in early 2015. The day it’s released, I will buy this app, and although I currently use two other email platforms (native Apple email and Boxer), I will purchase Unibox because it has INCREDIBLE value to me.

Another example is the Book Book case by Twelve South for my new iPhone 6. I’ve my iPhone for nearly 3 months and have been anticipating the release of the new Book Book. Why? It’s not because it’s the only case that fits my phone, it’s because it’s a case that has great value to me — both aesthetically and functionally. Plus, it smells great. In fact, the smell of the leather reminds me of a family trip to Spain when I was four years old.

Right now I’m dictating this blog post while I’m running. I’m wearing my Nike gloves and fleece top that are both over 20 years old. My Saucony running shoes are pretty new, but have incredible value because they fit my feet perfectly, and accommodate to my running style (slow and in need of some heel cushion). I’m also wearing Nike winter running pants which are about five years old, but look and feel brand new. I have no idea how much those gloves or this fleece I’m wearing cost, but they have great value — 20 years and going! Anyway, you get the idea.

Are you offering that kind of value to your customer? Because if you are, they will wait for you as long as they need to, because they’ll understand that your services or products will work for them for years to come.

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