Fresh-brewed Customer Spotlight: Tina Hallis of the Positive Edge

Tina Hallis Cuppa SEO Spotlight

In this installment of our spotlight series, we’ll be highlighting another awesome Cuppa SEO client,  Tina Hallis, owner of The Positive Edge.

Tina is one of the smartest, kindest people I’ve ever met, which is why she’s so successful at transforming the workplace into a more positive space. I have to warn you though, these positive changes very well transform your personal life, too! 

Who are you?
I am a scientist who reinvested herself as a speaker/entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping people be happier at work (and life) by teaching them why we are naturally wired to focus on the negative in our jobs, our colleagues, our lives, etc., and show them strategies to harness their thoughts so they can have more enjoyable work (and life).

What do you do?
I do presentations, workshops and trainings based in Positive Psychology and Everything DiSC personality theory. They can range from a 30-minute lunch and learn to a full day class.

The focus can be on:

  • Positive relationships — improving relationships with co-workers, team members or customers for better communication, collaboration and connection
  • Positive perspectives — keeping a positive perspective about changes and challenges at work for better productivity, morale and performance

Why do you love doing it?
When I discovered Positive Psychology (and DiSC), I  immediately knew I needed to share it with organizations because if there is one place we need help being positive, it’s at work! I want people to know that it’s natural for us to focus on all the things we don’t like about our work — it’s how our brains are wired. Evolution has given us a brain that loves to focus on anything that might be dangerous or a problem so we can take action to keep ourselves safe. But today we need a better balance and the exciting news is that studies are showing that with a little practice and intention, we can override our natural negative instincts to choose a more positive perspective. I share a variety of science-based strategies and tips that people can use to harness their thoughts to make it easier to notice the good things about our work.

How does it help people?
When we are more positive, it not only makes work more enjoyable, studies are showing we make better decisions because we take in more information, see the bigger picture, and have more ideas.  We are also more motivated and energized. It also makes us healthier and of course, we are nicer to work with. Put this all together and we are going to get more opportunities in our jobs so we will ultimately be more successful.

Want to learn more?
Visit for more info about how Tina can bring more positive relationships and positive perspectives to your organization. Or, just contact Tina directly to start a conversation.

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