The Art of Building Trust: Intention

Cuppa SEO Web Design Building Trust IntentionI’ve been having a lot of discussions with clients, colleagues and team members lately about trust.

We’ve been discussing questions like:

  • How do you define relationship?
  • As a business leader, what leads to trust for you, and why (with your vendors and partners)?
  • As an organization, how do you build trust with clients and potential clients?

Today, I have a similar question for you to ponder:

Why are you looking to build trust with your clients and potential clients? In other words, what is your intention?

Are you looking to build trust to make a sale? Or are you looking to build trust to nurture a long-term relationship?

The sale is a RESULT of trust, not the catalyst for it. A sale, for the sake of a sale, is a short-lived transaction that rarely results in rich relationships.

What kind of relationship do you want with your clients?

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