How to Optimize Your Gratitude (a Post Thanksgiving Reflection)

Optimizing Gratitude Cuppa SEO Web DesignNow that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s easy to go back to the grind of work and life and forget about gratitude.

In an effort to avoid this, here are Cuppa SEO’s eight ways to optimize your gratitude every day of the year.

  1. Be grateful for what you have
  2. Be grateful for what you’ve accomplished
  3. Stop focusing on what you don’t have
  4. Have a cup of coffee
  5. Stay away from difficult, negative people
  6. Try your best to look at problems as opportunities (ask yourself, “how can I make this a positive?”)
  7. Have another cup of coffee
  8. When in doubt, have another cup of coffee (it’s proven to lower the mortality rate, you know)

We hope these tips help optimize your gratitude!

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