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Google Adwords Management

Experience higher conversion rates, and lower cost per click, for a better return on investment.

AdWords is an online advertising program offered by, you guessed it, Google. Sometimes referred to as PPC or SEM, Adwords is a great way to connect with potential customers in whatever region(s) you do business in. But Adwords can also be confusing, frustrating and time consuming to manage if you’re not an expert.

Luckily, if you’ve arrived here, you’ve found your expert. Our resident Google Adwords guru, Nick, is a total geek about connecting our clients to the people who need their products and services.

What’s Included

  • Complimentary Initial Meeting: Before you make any decisions, we’ll discuss your business goals, Adwords goals, answer all your questions — and offer helpful Adwords tips. Just click on the button above to contact us and schedule your initial meeting.
  • Custom Campaign Setup: Includes complete optimization of your Google Adwords campaign, including settings and goals.
  • Custom SEM Keyword Research: We conduct an analysis of 2-3 major competitors’ keywords to determine which keyword phrases are best to use. If you’ve also hired us to handle your SEO, we’ll integrate your Keyword Report into the Adwords campaign.
  • Ad Design: This includes pairing keywords with compelling headlines, text and calls-to-action. Your input and feedback are encouraged at the start-up phase, and anytime during our work together.
  • Monthly Campaign Management: Includes our reviewing your campaign daily, as well as split testing and constant adjusting of ads in an effort to improve your conversion rate.
  • Monthly Adwords Report: Provides an at-a-glance overview of how your Adwords campaign is performing.
  • Complimentary Monthly Meetings: A half-hour monthly meeting is included to review your Adwords report, answer any questions, and strategize for improved results.


  • Pay only when someone clicks your ad.
  • 85% of ads are typically displayed in the top three positions — where they’ll be seen.
  • Ads appear at the right times and locations to your specific targeted market.
  • Ads are customized for mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers, so they always look good.
  • Real-time Adwords reporting shows the success of your online advertising.
  • Flexible campaigns make it easy to change, pause or end a campaign at any time.
  • Google Adwords Certified Partner.
  • SEMPO Individual Member.

Feel free to get in touch with Cuppa SEO anytime with questions, or to discuss your needs further.