Blog Consulting

Topics Include:


Blog Basics
  • Naming your blog & determining your content
  • How to set up a blog on WordPress
  • Writing your first blog post
Content Creation
  • The importance of your title
  • Thin content vs. rich content
  • Blog post frequency & length
  • The importance of a photo (and how it’s named)
  • Original content vs. duplicate content
Tags & Categories
  • Discuss the differences between the two, and how each works
Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Keyword research, density and placement
  • Choosing keywords that keep you competitive
  • Stuffing
SEO Tools
  • Using inexpensive tools like Inbound Writer
  • Using free tools like Market Samurai & Google Analytics
  • The importance of your Search to Competition Ratio
Google Panda
  • Learn how to play nice with Google’s ever-evolving algorithm

Blog Consulting

A blog is like a cup of coffee. Anybody can make one, but it takes an understanding of the process — and the right ingredients — to brew something great.

Whether you’re a business connecting with customers and building brand awareness, or an individual talking with your audience, a blog is an effective way to communicate and build relationships. A blog can go a long way in making you a trusted, relevant resource. It has the ability to improve engagement and overall reach — plus it’s a perfect medium to express oneself, be heard and help others.

Cuppa SEO Can Help with Your Blog in Two Ways

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be working with a seasoned, professional writer with 20+ years of experience.


We’ll provide an easy-to-learn process for creating, maintaining and improving your blog by using search engine optimization (SEO), which plays a large role in successfully accomplishing the goals listed above. When done correctly, it improves natural ranking in search results — leading to more traffic and overall growth.

There’s a science to SEO which can seem very intimidating. But in reality, with the right guidance, your team can successfully integrate Search Engine Optimization into your blog posts and improve the quality of your content. This workshop shows you how. It also takes you beyond the science of SEO, and offers a more human approach to improving Search Engine Optimization: creating original, relevant and rich content on a consistent basis.


No time or desire to do it yourself? Cuppa SEO can optimize and write your blog posts for you. Learn more about our blogging services.

What You Get
  • Consulting sessions that are customized to your needs and cover the topics listed on the left. Before the session, we’ll have a consultation so I can better understand your company’s philosophy, branding and long-tem goals for the blog.
  • If Cuppa SEO is doing the work for you, our consultation will include creating a monthly blog plan which will cover the step-by-step process I’ll follow to consistently publish optimized blog posts.

If you’re ready for help, or simply have questions, feel free to contact Cuppa SEO. We’re happy to talk further about your needs.

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