A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing

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A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing

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What would you think if you went to the doctor for an annual physical and he or she only checked your right arm and your left foot? That’s not a full physical, right? There’s a lot more that needs to be done in order to make sure you’re functioning properly — as a whole.

It’s the same with online marketing. It has to be looked at holistically, as one. Yet most of the time this is not the case. Instead, each facet of online marketing is often addressed in a silo, disassociated from the rest. This often results in fractured and ineffective online initiatives that leave organizations feeling frustrated.

A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing provides a global view of online marketing, looking at your website, blog and social media efforts as a whole.

First, we discuss three major disciplines — search engine optimization, user experience and conversion — to give you a solid understanding of what each of these methodologies are, and why they’re important.

Then, we dive into a practical approach on how to APPLY each of these disciplines to your website, blog and social media efforts, respectively. The book is chock-full of actionable steps on how to assess your website, blog and social media — and make meaningful improvements.

What People are Saying …

“The book is truly relevant for both newcomers to the marketing profession, as well as seasoned professionals, as it accurately covers a wide breadth of online marketing methodologies. In addition, there are many real-world examples to back Joey’s solid strategies, which makes learning about SEO, user experience and conversion easier and more enjoyable. I highly recommend this book!”
— Wayne Breitbarth, author of the best-selling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success

“This book should be required reading for business owners and marketing folks. Joey lays out a complete and actionable step-by-step guide to SEO, UX, and conversion for your website, blog and social media channels. If you feel lost when it comes to SEO, UX, and/or conversion, this is the place to start!”
— Jon-Mikel Bailey, President of Wood Street Web Design & Development 

“As someone who lives and breathes this stuff, I can honestly say that Joey Donovan Guido’s book, which covers SEO, is not only one of the most comprehensive on this subject, but one of the easiest to understand with tons of actionable insights. Most importantly, he understands that SEO is not just a technical subject, but a human one, and that it all starts with your customer. 

Sure, there is lots of technical stuff covered, but he ties it in with how it affects the people who visit your site. If you are a business owner looking to improve your search rankings, or you are a web designer wondering how to get better results for your clients, read this book and keep it for a reference.”
— Greg Jameson, President of WebStores Ltd, best-selling author, Colorado Small Business of the Year

“It’s pretty tough today to create a comprehensive look at online marketing. The complexities, channels and quickly shifting best practices make it a tall order. But Joey Donovan Guido has done it! The book is filled with relevant examples and recommendations for improving this vital aspect of your marketing.”
— Drew McLellan, Co-founder of McLellan Marketing Group

“Joey Donovan Guido’s new book on ‘Holistic Online Marketing’ seems deceptively simple comprising three sections on Foundation, Your Website, and Your Blog; plus a great section on Social Media. But don’t let the simplicity and clarity of excellent writing and editing fool you — the book puts together the fundamentals in a powerful way starting with the ‘Doctor Analogy’ (you need to assess and work on the total ‘patient’).

Then there’s the excellent formula of attending to SEO, UX, plus Conversions on your website (each have a chapter). Should your blogs convert visitors to prospects?  While most of us focus on using blogs for content marketing, Guido advises that you are building relationships on your blog … and this can and does lead to conversions. That’s an important nuance and the book is filled with them — excellent for newbies, clients, and even experienced publishing teams. Don’t miss the section on conversions on LinkedIn.”
— Scott Frangos, Founder and Chief Optimizer for Webdirexion LLC, the digital marketing agency

“This is a must-read crash course for online marketing, especially if you are new to marketing. Author Joey Donovan Guido keeps your attention with illustrative stories and entertaining metaphors, while backing up his advice about SEO, user experience and conversion with concrete research. Even digitally-savvy practitioners like myself will find themselves making a list of critical things to improve upon.”
— Drew Neisser, Founder & CEO of Renegade LLC, author, host of Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast